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Jan 3


So I am not an astrology kind of person, and I don’t really believe in it. But I was so bored at work this morning that I opened this Yahoo! article for your Zodiac Astrology in 2012. Funny how there’s one part in Pisces that goes,

You’ve got the angelic influence of the planets on your side this year. Use this beneficient time to make your dreams a reality. This is what you do best, Pisces, since life is more like a dreamscape or art film to you anyway. 

I especially love the part about life being a dreamscape.

Most of the time I actually think I live life in a trance-like, dreamlike way. A lot of people tell me I seem way too happy. I smile too much. I laugh too loudly. Like what is wrong with me, don’t I have anything to worry about?

Honestly, I cannot say that my life is harder than most, because it’s not. I live a pretty average life, with an average family, average job, average relationship status (single!). But I think what makes me weird is how I tend to look at life. I love it.

Seriously, I love this world. I love people. I love how a conversation can change strangers to friends. I love how 2 people can have no contact for a long time and still talk like they never lost touch. I love how somebody’s smile can make you smile. I love the sound of laughter echoing in a room. I love talking so fast when I’m excited that the other person can’t understand my story. I love how falling in love makes a person adorably cute and mushy. I love finding the good side in everyone. I love sleeping with a smile because of a goodnight text.

Yeah, in short, I love this life. And no happening to date has made me doubt that so far. There are always 2 sides to a story, the be-affected-and-linger or learn-and-move-on. I usually prefer the second. Tomorrow holds too much promise for happiness to be held back by the travesties of the past.

And I do hope I make my dreams a reality this year. Thanks to the planets, of course.